2023 will be a new year!

China has fully opened up and will no longer be affected by the epidemic. We can visit China freely. Not affected by the quarantine policy of the new crown epidemic.

This is very convenient for our industry.

2023 has several new changes in the after-sales industry, you need to pay attention!

1.The market information is more transparent.

Because more and more maintenance companies will choose to import from China.

Also the product price in your market are becoming more and more transparent. Then the profit that can be obtained will be reduced. Competition will also increase.

2.The current price fluctuation are affected by the exchange rate.

In additon, the RMB will appreciate compared to the end of 2022. It will be more expensive for buyers to get our products for the same dollar.

3.The quality of suppliers in the Chinese market is uneven, you need to choose a suitable supplier.

The largest international electronics exhibition is holding in Hong Kong, China as scheduled. We are planning to participate in the Electronics Fair in October. You can come to our China to inspect our company on the spot, choose a reliable supplier.

Welcome everyone to visit China and visit our company!