The iPhone 13 has been on the market for 2 year, and the number of phone repairs has reached a stage of growth. When the iPhone 13 replaced the screen, many people had these questions:

Does iPhone screen replacement affect Face ID?

Is there a popup warning "Important Display Message"?

Is True Tone available?

This article will help you solve these problems.

If your iPhone 13 system is under iOS 15.2, you will have big troubles when you repair the screen. The iPhone 13 series has a screen IC on the screen cover, which uses software to pair the screen and the FaceID module. The new chip ensures that unless the replacement screen is "matched" to the phone's unique serial number, Face ID does not work.

The iFixit repair team confirmed in the lab that the Face ID was disabled after replacing the screen. In addition, there is a pop-up warning, and the True Tone is not available. "This will destroy local repair shops." iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens said.

A possible solution is transplant the chip from the old screen to the new screen replacement, but it's laborious and high risk, only a fraction of repair shops were capable of.

iOS 15.2 has fixed an issue where FaceID cannot be used on third-party replacement iPhone 13 screens.

The iFixit experiment confirmed that third-party or independent screen replacements are once again possible on iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro models running iOS 15.2. However, it looks like users will get an "important display message" warning their iPhones can't verify that the screen is original. and the True Tone also not available.

Don't worry, the warning will disappear after 15 days. True tone can also be repaired using tools. How do I get True Tone? Using Qianli apollo or JC V1SE programmer.

Solution 1:

  • step1: Connect the original screen to the Qianli programmer.
  • step2: Click "Read" and Read data on the original screen.
  • step3. Finished read, disconnect the original screen and connect the new screen to the Qianli programmer.
  • step4: Click "Write", write the data to the new screen. Once finished, the True Tone iPhone display is get back.

Solution 2:

  • step1: Connect the iPhone to the computer and open the Aisi Assistant software.
  • step2: The cover board number of the phone has been read, just copy the number.
  • step3: Power off and disconnect the phone from the computer, connect the new screen with the Qianli programmer and connect the programmer to the computer.
  • step4: Open the Aisi Assistant software, write the previously read cover board number to the new screen.


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