Dear friends:

The traditional Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon. Thank you for your long-term attention and support.

Some changes in China's mobile phone repair aftermarket are worth paying attention to:

  • Our factory closed earlier, most of the employees will leave in early January, and reopen in early February.
  • If the delivery is not planned in advance, the goods will be stranded in the international logistics warehouse for a long time to be delivered.
  • The quality of products provided by many suppliers will be uneven due to out-of-stock.

But TX Electronics is always committed to providing the greatest competitiveness for customers' maintenance business and ensuring your business running smoothly.

  • We reserve sufficient inventory for regular models and hot sale models according to market trends;
  • Keep an eye on industry price changes and provide customers with useful stocking suggestions
    Each product is tested multiple times before shipment, and can provide high-quality products in batches.
  • Product quality is the first line of defense, always adhere to strict QC, and promise never to confuse product quality.

In order to avoid the above problems, now is the best time to stock up. If you have any needs, you can consult our sales team for the latest prices and offers. We will provide you with professional advice to help you make the right purchase plan.

Best regards,

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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