TX LCD product testing process

Are you interested in the inspection process of LCD?  This article will tell you the process of TX inspect LCD.   1.Professional QC team We have 16 years of professional production experience in mobile phone spare parts and stable supply strength. We have a complete range of products and strictly control the quality of high-quality products. We are a factory with 200-300 employees and have a very professional and strict QC team. Before all employees take up their jobs, we

Does iPhone screen replacement affect Face ID?

The iPhone 13 has been on the market for 2 year, and the number of phone repairs has reached a stage of growth. When the iPhone 13 replaced the screen, many people had these questions: Does iPhone screen replacement affect Face ID? Is there a popup warning "Important Display Message"? Is True Tone available? This article will help you solve these problems. If your iPhone 13 system is under iOS 15.2, you will have big troubles when you repair the


2023 will be a new year! China has fully opened up and will no longer be affected by the epidemic. We can visit China freely. Not affected by the quarantine policy of the new crown epidemic. This is very convenient for our industry. 2023 has several new changes in the after-sales industry, you need to pay attention! 1.The market information is more transparent. Because more and more maintenance companies will choose to import from China. Also the product price in

Notice of resumption of work, contact us for the latest quotation

Dear friends, How are you? Happy Chinese Lunar New Year. I hope this joyful festival would bring you happiness as well. Tomorrow also our Chinese traditonal Lantern Festival! In this festival, we will reunite with our families, eat glutinous rice balls and release lanterns. We are back to work and everything is back to normal, production is ongoing. And this year, China has fully opened up and is no longer affected by the epidemic. It is full of opportunities and

OLED & OLED Screen Pixel Arrangement

In the aftermarket, there are many product qualities of LCDs, including original OEM, OLED, incell, tft, oncell, etc. One of the most popular qualities is OEM, OLED, incell. The arrangement of pixels is also an important factor affecting the fineness of the screen. TX Electronic will give you a detailed introduction to what is OLED and OLED Screen Pixel Arrangement in this article   What is OLED? OLED stands for “organic light emitting diode” and is a relatively new technology.

Important Notice of Aftermarket before Chinese Spring Festival holiday

    Dear friends: The traditional Chinese Spring Festival is coming soon. Thank you for your long-term attention and support. Some changes in China's mobile phone repair aftermarket are worth paying attention to: Our factory closed earlier, most of the employees will leave in early January, and reopen in early February. If the delivery is not planned in advance, the goods will be stranded in the international logistics warehouse for a long time to be delivered. The quality of products

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