In the aftermarket, there are many product qualities of LCDs, including original OEM, OLED, incell, tft, oncell, etc. One of the most popular qualities is OEM, OLED, incell.

The arrangement of pixels is also an important factor affecting the fineness of the screen. TX Electronic will give you a detailed introduction to what is OLED and OLED Screen Pixel Arrangement in this article


What is OLED

OLED stands for “organic light emitting diode” and is a relatively new technology. As its name implies, an OLED screen has a unique panel consisting of an organic substance that glows with no need for a backlight.

Each pixel emits its own light and can be controlled individually. This is the most significant feature of OLED technology.


OLED Screen Pixel Arrangement

1.Pentile arrangement and diamond arrangement

The RGB pentile arrangement is derived from RGB. In the OLED panel, the device made of the blue material of the light-emitting device.

Because it is an organic substance, has a shorter lifespan than red and green, and the blue device decays more severely than the other two colors after a long time of use, resulting in color distortion and aging of the panel.

So Samsung developed the pentile arrangement, which doubled the blue pixels in one pixel, increased the area, and extended the life.

Because the human eye is more sensitive to green, in order to balance the color display effect, the red sub-pixels are also doubled in size. This is the pentile arrangement.

The pentile arrangement is to increase the red and blue sub-pixels and maintain the original green sub-pixel size.

One pixel is still composed of three sub-pixels of red, blue, and green, so that the effective pixel in the same area is about 70% of the standard RGB pixel. That is, the display granularity is not as delicate as the standard RGB.

So Samsung later developed the diamond arrangement. This arrangement is also a pentile arrangement.

The effective pixels of the diamond arrangement can be increased to 80% of the standard RGB arrangement, and the display effect is more delicate than the pentile.

 2. Delta arrangement

Delta arrangement was developed by Chinese manufacturers, because Samsung has patents on pentile arrangement and diamond arrangement.

Chinese manufacturers can't use it and developed delta arrangement by themselves. Manufacturers such as Visionox and Tianma are using this arrangement.

The Delta arrangement is closer to the traditional RGB arrangement.

In actual use, the vertical stripes will be obviously blurred (essentially because of the lack of green pixels). The actual pixel density is also about 70% of the standard RGB arrangement, and the display is not very delicate.

3. BOE arrangement

Huawei P30 uses the BOE arrangement screen. The display effect of this one is also not very delicate.

After comparing the arrangement of the various pixels, it is clear that Samsung's is better. It is undeniable that the Samsung Diamond Pentile arrangement is the best screen arrangement at present.

However, whether a screen is good or not depends only on the pixel arrangement, but also considers the color gamut, color accuracy, refresh rate and the manufacturer's later adjustment.

China's technology has been improving all the time, and we believe that better screens will be developed in the future.