Flexible screen:
1. The flexible screen does not have poor functionality such as broken screens and uneven color of the screen.
2. The display AA area fully reaches the 5.8-inch display screen.
3. The flexible screen is thin in thickness and light in weight.

Hard screen:
1. Hard OLED is explosive screen, a little bit of squeezing will cause the screen to burst or appear black screen, display abnormality, screen skipping and other functions.
2. Hard OLED display pigment is not correct, white spots and white patches and red and blue edges will appear.
3. The display AA area does not reach 5.8 inches, and the actual display AA area is only 5.6 inches, and the four black borders do not have large and small sides.
4. The thickness of the assembly is thick, and the installed machine is prone to squeeze and explode the screen or have poor functionality.
5. The hard OLED is made of glass and has a heavy weight, while the flexible screen is made of thin film.

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