Many people have a problem with the yellow tone of Apple's 11/12 series.
Apple adjusted the screen temperature higher than the previous iPhone X series.


The following is the solution:


I.Turn off the "True Tone"

Settings-Display &Brightness-turn off the True Tone
"True Tone" Adapt display based on ambient lighting conditions to make colors appear consistent in different environment, such as adapting to the warm indoor light.


II.Turn off the "Night Shift"

Settings-Display &Brightness-turn off the "Night Shift"
"Night Shift" will automatically adjust the color of your monitor to the warm end of the spectrum after dark or when the external light is insufficient, which may help you sleep well.


III.Adjust the "Color Filters"

Settings-Accessibility-Display and text size-Color filter-Open the Color Filter-Choose the color filter you want
Turn on the Hue function in the "Color Filter", you can choose the color temperature you like to adjust.

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