Wholesale samsung LCD quality from China

Samsung LCD quality

As you might know, samsung repair replacement LCD screen have original new, original change glass & high copy types of LCD screen avaliable now.

Original new samsung LCD screen all the screen front glass, OMLED, flex cable and other parts is original quality.

Samsung original change glass LCD screen, the other part of the LCD screen is original quality except the front glass. Let’s see a compare picture of original new and original change glass.

From the pcitures, we can see that Original New and Original Change glass Samsung difference is very small. Actaully, both of them quality is very stable.

One the other hand, from the last two years, there are one type quality more of the Samsung LCD screen, high copy Samsung quality. As we all know, original samsung screen the display is OMLED material while high copy quality the display is LCD material. Let’s see the difference between them.

It is very clear easy to see that, original and high copy Samsung screen have big difference. The original quality display is more clear and bright while high copy type is dim and dark. High copy samsung screen cost is less than the original type, but when sell the screens to customers we suggest you to let them know about the difference between the quality.