Touchscreen smartphones, traditionally use a screen technology called on-cell. In on-cell displays, your phone has an LCD panel and a digitiser. The LCD panel shows you the images, such as icons and images, and when you use gestures on screen to perform functions, the digitiser takes input and prompts that action. Now, having a digitiser on top of an LCD panel increases the number of parts inside your phone, which means there is little room left for adding new features to the phone without increasing its size and heft.


The In-cell screen technology is leaps and bounds ahead of On-cell. It combines the LCD and digitiser in one single unit, giving smartphone makers a whole lot of room to manoeuvre and add new features. Here are the,


Benefits of having a phone with In-cell display

such as the recently launched Lava Z70 Android smartphone.


1. Sleeker Phone Designs

Since the phone no longer has two separate panels under its front glass, the design becomes sleeker and more ergonomic. Slimmer phones are also easy to operate with a single hand. Manufacturers can also include design improvements such as 2.5D curved glass, as done in the Lava Z series phones, for better handling and aesthetic feel.


2. Improved Visibility

An obvious benefit of buying a smartphone with In-cell display technology is the clarity of images and text on the screen. On-cell displays have the LCD panel, then the digitiser and then the glass panel, thus you end up viewing screen content through multiple layers, which leads to a washed out effect. In a smartphone with In-cell display, the LCD + Digitiser panel is placed directly below the front glass, providing sharper and more vibrant photos, videos and text.


3. Reduced Smartphone Weight

Adding another point to the handling and regular usage of smartphones, the In-cell display enables manufacturers to make phones lighter, removing the added weight of the digitiser unit. So, you can use your Android phone with ease for extended periods of time without feeling the muscle cramps and discomfort.


4. More Space for New Features

As we all know, space inside a smartphone shell is extremely limited, therefore, an In-cell display brings the boon of added space inside the smartphone compartment which allows manufacturers to introduce new features such as larger battery sizes, dual cameras and better processor and RAM. Thus, boosting your smartphone’s performance and features.


Buying Latest Android smartphones with In-cell Display

The recently launched Lava Z70 with In-cell display is one of the latest Android smartphone that comes with Android 7.0 out-of-the-box and delivers high performance without being heavy on your pocket. Visit the Lava products page by clicking here for more details on the Lava Z Series.


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