TX LCD Screen Testing Process

TX LCD Testing Process

We TX provide 100% strict quality control of the lcd and test one by one for all of them before the delivery.

There are two different options to test the iphone lcd, one is using the Tester, in the market many LCD suppliers use the Tester to test lcd because it is more simple and quicker and save a lot of time but arise the problem easily at the same time.

We TX choose another option——use the mobile to test each lcd.Even if it will take some time, but it is more comprehensive to guarantee the lcd quality of every part.
(Include the touch function,lcd appearence,connector,backlight, frame,glue and make sure all of them without any spot and not dead pixel)

We TX provide 3 Times LCD Testing by Professional QC team before get to our Customers.

(Factory come out Testing,Warehouse entry Testing,Delivery Testing)

First Time:Factory come out Testing

Second Time:Warehouse entry Testing

Third Time:Delivery Testing

TX Testing Details

1.Connector Testing(ensure connector tough and fit into the motherboard perfectly)

2.Touch Function Testing(ensure lcd work perfectly)

3.LCD Color Testing(bright color similar to original, not yellow or blue)

4.Frame Testing(Straight with no bending at all. fit perfectly into housing)

5.Spot and Pixel Testing(Ensure each screen without any spot and not dead Pixel)

We TX provide 7 Steps help you test the LCD correctly before you install it.