touch screen / LCD screen / mobile phone accessories Buying


1, a liquid crystal display fragile items, we will be tested prior to shipment to ensure that no problem, packaging is also very appropriate, it is generally not a problem.

2, when you receive the goods please face to face inspection, before you sign, please check whether the goods have broken, tattered and other phenomena of damage or missing items and items not phenomena such as found above and other bad like, please contact us.

3, Malfunctioning Parts: If product purchased from tx Supply does not function properly (physical damage or damage caused by incorrect installation and usage are excluded) within 365 days from the original purchase date Customers may initiate a asking for an exchange or refund request..

Each touch screen / LCD screen / mobile phone accessories before shipment we will repeatedly test, the test is no problem after delivery, Once receiving lcds, pls test them by tesing board.exchanging.

【Special Note】

Please get the goods the same day that you do not installed, first with the motherboard test well, if there is a problem, please contact us. The display is fragile items, we will be tested before delivery to ensure that no problem, packaging is also very appropriate, to ensure that the problem does not occur. Non-professionals, it is recommended to get professional mobile phone repair center installation, the installation of lead due to the buyer disassemble LCD screen, touch screen mobile phone accessories and other damage to the restaurant is not responsible.

[Product Rework]

1, such as product quality problems, did not go beyond the warranty period (non-human damage to the case), the buyer can accumulate way,

2, after the bad products accumulated to a certain number, etc. and then sent back a one-time change, for a good product can be ordered along with the goods sent back together when necessary orders.

[Return replacement]

1, different products, has a corresponding warranty period, such as quality problems within the warranty period, non-human damage to the case, you can replace a new one. (Depending on the extent of the damage to the appearance of the product)

2, the product is man-made damage, beyond the warranty period, shall not be allowed to return.

Please Note:

We are not liable or responsible for any damage due to improper installation.