TX Lcd screen Warranty policy

TX Lcd screen Warranty policy

12 months(from the original purchase date)—long term warranty(a few special products are remarked on the description)
—Confirm the quality you need.
—Confirm the packaging,logo,stamp if you have any request.
—Confirm the payment method. Our payment method:Western union,T/T,Money gram and Trade Assurance.
—Confirm the scope,time and situation of our warranty.
— We’ll send you the proforma invoice for confirmation. Pls check all the details description of after sale.
—According the different market,we’ll introduce the difference in quality, guide how to test and install,the solution of after sale as well.
1.What is not covered under TX warranty?
1) Man-made damage.
2) Unprofessional installation damage.
3) Lcd or touch screen broken or liquid leakage.
4) Protective film both on front digitizer and the back of lcd tore off or missed.
5) Connector broken, parts lost.
6) Flex cable broken, crease too much, or self-welded.
7) Screen has line because of wrong testing.
8) If our label /stamp are missing , then no warranty. (please noted this point)
9) Front glass and back side scratched.
10) Lcd used with clear using traces.
11) If the goods are detained by the customs of customer’s country and can not be cleared, under our correct operation.

Old and damaged parts. It was disconnected from the broken phones obviously.

It is not correspond with out TX stamp and with smear marks

2.What to do when receiving defective parts or dead on arrival parts?
We can resend goods or refund for the situations as below:
1) No display, Abnormal displays such as no light or have dark dots.
2) Insensitive touch screen, slightly folded flex result in abnormal display.
3) No image, display abnormal.

3.What should I do if the goods have problem during transportation?
During transportation, if goods are missing because of having been detained by custom in China, all loss that occurred should be borne by us; if missing or detained of goods are occurred in other country except China, all loss should be borne by buyers.

If the products are missing, please inform us within 1-3 days, we will check and take positive actions immediately.
If products crushed/crashed during shipment, please inform us within 1-3 days and offer photos and video.

4.How to distinguish TX products?
On all merchandize, TX utilizes a unique warranty stamp. Merchandise without TX warranty stamp will not be accepted for any exchange.
When you get the package

Please check whether the box is complete and marked with “TX”
Please check whether all the products with “TX”stamp.
Please check whether the actual weight is same as we sent.

Before your installation, please check both appearance and function of the products.
1)If the products are defective or faulty, please inform us within 3 days, send us picture or video to check and return back to us within 7 days.
2)If the products have been installed without testing firstly , then we can’t change new one for you.