TX LCD parts Fast and safe delivery

Fast and safe delivery -TX LCD helps you

Have you been distressed by the long time shipping or locked by your custom ?

Have you met that when the goods arrive you, the goods value decrease because of the delay time ?

TX can help you.

TX promise fast delivery.

We TX promise within 2 working days delivery after your full payment arrives. If TX fail to delivery goods within 2 working days, we will return you the delay rate for $50.00 per day.

We TX promise delay rate $50.00 per day ( over 2 working days begin to return the delay rate.) in any other reason except following special:
1.Order tested by your own agents or offices in China.
2.Complex and customized packaging for the goods.
Our regular pack is as follows:

3.When two party agree to delay shipping time for the special festivals like Spring Festival, Nation Day and so on.
4.Clients want to add more TX LCD parts and send with the parcel which can be sent out.

Delay rate will be added into your next order about TX LCD parts at once if we fail sending you the tracking number within 2 days after getting your payment.

From July 1st, our fast delivery plan will be opened to our all TX LCD parts clients.

TX provides safe delivery.

We TX offer you professional shipping methods to arrive you for TX LCD parts.

1)For the European market.
TX provide you very fast arrival. For example, when TX LCD parts sent to UK, only cost 2 days to arrive to UK.

2)For the Russian Market.
We also offer different shipping methods like Railway, Sea and Air. We will design the most suitable shipping methods for phone parts shipping. And also offer different pack for triple protect for the TX LCD parts

Add the wooden case/ wooden frame and the woven bags of the outside box.

Also, if you do not want to clear custom by and pay the tax by yourself, we offered you DDP shipping ways to arrive you, you just need to wait at home and can get the goods from our cargo company at time.

It cost about 12-40 days for different shipping ways for TX LCD parts to Russia, if you want to know more about the shipping days, pls contact us [email protected].

3)for the Middle East market.

The middle East market is also not easy to clear the custom when import phone parts like phone screen, charge flex, battery and other TX LCD parts so on.

We TX also offer very good service to Middle East market. It cost from 6-18 days various countries for different shipping methods.

For example, for iphone screen sent to Saudi Arabia on May 31st, and arrived on June 15th. (DDP shipping )

4)for South America market.
When it comes to South America market, it must to talk about Brazil.
Last year, our long term clients asked us to find a DDP shipping to arrive Brazil, because his ordered parts was locked in Brazil custom.

And our another VIP clients recommended us our previous cargo.

It cost about 12-14 days to arrive the Sao Paulo Airport. And both shippers and receiver are informed when the TX LCD parts arrive at Sao Paulo Airport.

Also, freight and tax to pay when you go to pick up your goods.

Another country need to talk about is Argentina.

Argentina is also very difficult to import TX LCD parts.

Most of our clients has their own shipping channels, but if you do not have, TX LCD parts also can be sent safely and stably.

It cost about 10-20 days from China to Argentina.

All in all, we TX LCD parts try our best to support you in any parts as much as possible.

Come and contact us [email protected] for more information.