-Super strict quality inspection is the reason for our low return rate-


Strictly on QC with more than inspecting 7 items like color display, the

touch function, the appearance, etc. is the reason why DBX has a lower

return rate. Let's have a look at the whole process of the Huawei mobile

phone screen from quality inspection to delivery:


The 1st steps

Final Quality Inspection Before Shipment

QC Method 1:
Use inspection box for LCM


To check whether the display and the touch of the screen are normal.

QC Method 2:
Visual inspection before lit up


Find out the small defects on the screen's appearance that the machine cannot recognize, such as:
small scratches
dust spots, etc.

QC Method 3:
Testing after connection


Filter out products that do not meet the standard for display and touch, such as: dust spots in the screen, partial uneven color display, and partial insensitive touch, etc.


The 2nd steps

Product Packaging


The 3rd steps

Affix the shipping label


The 4th steps



The 5th steps

Loading and Shipping

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