Have you ever imported from China? Are you familiar with the process? If this is your first time importing from China, what do you need to do? Will the process be very complicated?

Don't worry, this article can answer all your doubts, so you can successfully import goods from China and start your business.

1. How to find a suitable supplier?

China has been the chosen country of origin for many different kinds of imported goods. known as the world's factory, it has a wide variety of commodities and suppliers. Be sure to choose a suitable supplier to make our product prices more competitive.

Sourcing Chinese goods to sell in your retail store gives you access to a wider range of products at significantly lower costs. Chinese suppliers with factory strength can not only provide preferential prices but also have certain guarantees for after-sales and quality. This can help growing your business and improve your margins.

Suppose that you want to start local wholesale market for mobile phone repairs, plan to import wholesale mobile phone screen accessories, etc. from China, then TX Electronics is a good choice. TX Electronics, has 16 years of phone LCD screen R&D and production experience, with high-quality and competitive prices.

Below I will take the import of mobile phone screens from TX Electronics Wholesale as an example to introduce the entire process of importing from China.

2. How can I buy the products?

You can contact seller on social media or our official website, confirm the products you need, and get product detail pages and the latest product offers with them.

If you are just starting your business and eager to know the marketing information, like what products and quality are better, you can also contact sales managers, they will give you the best market advice.

3. How can I Payment for the goods?

After confirming all the details with the sales manager, then our sales manager will send a PI, which includes the specific price, product quantity, and other information.

You need to check the information, if it is correct, you can pay for it.

TX Electronics has two payment channels,

  • T/ T, International wire transfer. This is a fairly common method of payment. You can transfer to our designated account by bank transfer
  • Western Union, You can transfer money to our account through this.

4. Confirm CI & delivery information

After payment, we will prepare the goods and ship them to you through DHL/FedEx and other channels.

Please note that all products at TX Electronics will be inspected more than 3 times before shipment to ensure that we provide you with high-quality products and bring trust to you and your customers.

Then the sales manager will send your invoice documents for checking, what you need to do is to check the information and confirm that there is no error.

5. How do I know the shipping status of my goods?

TX has professional logistics channels that has cooperated for many years and will help you solve the goods declaration and customs clearance information. And we have cooperated with friends in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, we will help you solve all problems.

Once the goods are shipped, our salesman will provide the tracking Number to you.  You can check the shipping status of your goods on the website at any time and you can also contact our salesperson to help you with inquiries

You also need to keep an eye on your emails and phone calls to see if you need help with customs clearance.

6. Pick up the goods

When the goods arrive, you can pick up the goods and check whether the goods are complete and whether there is any problem with the packaging. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.

7. Whether COVID will affect imports from China?

Rest assured, initially, COVID hit China very hard and there were some serious delays. However, China has done a very good job of containing the outbreak, and production delays are very rare. All factories in China have fully started production, which can provide a stable supply.

Hope the above information can help you!



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