If you want to expand consumer demand, expand your business market, or if you are just starting your business and want to start selling wholesale mobile phone accessories. Do you want to expand your product market and competitiveness in your region? Then here are some considerations you need to know.

1.Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen, China is the largest electronic product distribution center in Asia and the first street of electronics in China. So it is a good choice to choose to import mobile phone accessories directly from China to save your cost.

2.Understand the import process from China and reasonably avoid risks.

3.Choose reliable and experienced suppliers. TX Electronics will help you improve your business.


①Who we are

TX Electronics, a leading smartphone spare parts manufacturer have 16  years of phone LCD screen R&D and production experience based in Guangzhou, China, with 1 factory, 4 warehouses, 2 offices, and 4 physical stores in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

We Participated in many Hongkong global sources consumer electronics exhibitions, which is known as the world's largest electronics exhibition and a large-scale international electronics exhibition, it has attracted exhibitors from all over the world.

We cooperated with partners from more than 30 countries worldwide. Be committed to bringing the highest quality of service to our customers.We delivering quality products throughout North America, South America Europe and Australia.

②What we offer you

With high-quality and competitive price. We provide complete LCD,   glass, flex cable, battery, charging base and pin, etc. Great products at the most reasonable price among others.

To help enhance your business. We Provide market information provide useful professional advice and market analysis according to your need.

We use the most advanced automated intelligent integrated machinery and equipment, the highest technology dust-free workshop, and professional production control.


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③Why choose us

  • Extensive experience in the spare parts business,
  • Grade A+ materials and original integrated circuits,
  • Equipment and advanced technology,
  • Strict quality control with 3 times testing process,
  • Fast delivery, preparation in 2 days and transport in a week,
  • Lifetime warranty and less than 1% defective rate,
  • Professional market information from customers all over the world,
  • Customization option with your own logo and package.

④How to contact

Website: txlcd.com

Email: txlcd@txlcd.com

Facebook: Guangzhou TX Electronic

Instagram: guangzhou_tx

Sales Manager: Janice Huang, WhatsApp/Wechat +8613267743986