Be carefully when importing goods

International trade is a significant and increasingly important focus point for companies today. There are plenty of opportunities to be seized by trading across national borders to move more goods and generate more revenue.


Almost every company in the world has some bonds with China, everybody knows that China is the world’s biggest supplier, and everybody wants to import goods, the faster (and cheaper) the better. This situation is often exploited by fraudulent companies.


Many businesses, for instance, have fallen prey to carefully conducted import and export scams that have left them facing large losses. A bit of awareness and diligence should make it possible to recognize and avoid such traps whenever and wherever they appear.


5 Things You Can Do to Avoid Import Fraud


Use the internet to investigate the company:

Search the company’s website address, business name, phone number, email address, and any other data to see if you can find any complaints or feedback about them.

If you find a supplier on Facebook or other social media, you can visit their official website, to see the company introduction and some pictures of the company environment. It is best if the company’s website has a video introduction because pictures can be faked, but videos are difficult to fake.

Be careful when payment ----Always verify bank details

Before paying any company for the first time verify the bank details with a source in the company different from the original source.

Do not click any unnatural links.

If you receive an email from the seller saying that you need to change your bank account information, be sure to check with your seller via video or phone to avoid third-party fraud companies from entering and defrauding your amount.


Don't be petty, Quality & Value determines the Price

All people want products of good quality and low prices, but we must always remember that it is not advisable to pursue low prices blindly, and it is easy to be tempted by low prices.

And never lost sight of the old adage – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is a fraud! If the prices being offered are significantly lower than market rates be very cautious when proceeding.

Always remain vigilant!

Choose a reliable and trusted supplier to help you expand your needs and create more profits.

Hope can help you.