1.Global Share of Mobile Phones, The First Quarter of 2021

Ranking: Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo.

Huawei fell out of the top five, with the main share being taken by Xiaomi.
Other overall rankings have not changed much


Due to the transfer of Honor mobile phones, and sales fell by 50% year-on-year. In addition to chip restrictions, Huawei has a solid position in the field of high-end smartphones and gave up compared to the same period last year. The low-margin business has maintained an upward trend in profits, that is, the low-margin business of Glory has been divested.


2.Global share Q1 year-on-year

In the first quarter year-on-year, Samsung and Apple's share increased, and Xiaomi's share increased to the third in the world. Huawei's maintenance market, which fell out of the top 5, still has a large capacity.

Although Huawei's share has decreased, the maintenance market has a certain degree of lag, and because its main high-end models are the main consumers of the maintenance market, the maintenance market capacity is still very large.


3.Global share Q1 year-on-year


Total maintenance market & LCD maintenance market

According to the 5-year life cycle of smartphones, use the shipment statistics for 2016-2020

Calculated based on the total repair rate of 10% in mobile phone repairs and 32.9% of the total repair rate in screen repairs-from iFixit.


4.Total global LCD repair market by mobile phone manufacturers


The distribution characteristics of smartphones of the above brands in different regions

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