From China Wholesale Apple iphone LCD Quality

From China Wholesale Apple iphone LCD Quality

Alll in all, there are different types quality of iPhone LCD screen on the market now. Do you know which are them ? They are original New, original change Glass, TM, JDF, YD ( AUO ) , SC, LT these types of quality here.

For the original quality type, original New & original change Glass, what’s the difference between them ? These two types of LCD screen both with Orignal flex cable, original LCD. The only difference is the front glass of them, original new quality front glass is original one while original change glass the quality is high copy, which is same material as original glass but made by pravite factory not Apple company’s processing plant.

TM, JDF, YD ( AUO ) , SC, LT these types of LCD are high copy quality. Firstly, let’s check these types of LCD screen compare to original type LCD.

The Original quality flex cable is more pliable than high copy

As we can see full high copy LCD’s display is little daker than original LCD. TM & Shenchao ‘s display close to original LCD.

Actually, original iPhone have warm screen and cold screen. Warm screen partial white and yellow, cold screen slants blue. Although, some indicated that YD, LT, JDF LCD screen is yellow, maybe the other two types quality is better. Sure, different brand LCD screen have some differences in color, but which one is suitable for you it’s depend on your choice.