world’s most ridiculous phone accessory, Do you dare to try?

world’s most ridiculous phone accessory, Do you dare to try?
Widespread popularity of smart phones but also the achievements of the accessories market, in addition to cell phone case, film, mobile power these basic models, there are numerous external camera, Bluetooth speakers or even a luxury brand jewelry, it can be described as Ling Lang everywhere. However, not all cell phone accessories are reasonable, some strange, even slightly absurd products exist in the market, we wish to see this.
Designed for mobile phones “small pants”

Yes, this “thong” specially designed for mobile phones, the purpose is to protect the Home key. Of course, every time you want to return to the main screen needs to take it off, utility is not high.
Bluetooth headset instead of the phone sets

do not like to use a Bluetooth headset? Then you can directly phone worn on the face. Not just mobile phones, cordless home phones are equally applicable, but, are you sure it convenient than Bluetooth earphones?
Bra can put the phone

if you are not afraid of radiation, the phone can be hidden in the bra, basically not lost. But, you may need to remove the phone at any time to find the bathroom.
Toilet mobile phone base / speaker

must have a cell phone along if you are convenient, so this integrated iPhone docking speaker toilet paper holder, can accompany you through every wonderful moment in the bathroom.
“Egg” mobile phone sets

yes, this phone sets following a pair of long, “Egg”, might be welcomed by the female users, such as your boyfriend makes you angry when, can be used to vent.
Incidental mobile phone sets of seat belts

, this integrated mobile phone sets of seat belts, the original intention is to allow you to use voice assistant while driving, but we think it’s not safe.
Touch-screen finger sets

this worn on the finger of a rubber finger cots, in order to allow you to make better use of touch-screen keyboard, fingers are too thick user can try.
Potted phone chain

if you like potted plants, you can always tied it on the phone. Note that this is really planted in the soil of miniature plants.