Phone out of the water how to do?

Often we hear small partners hand flick
Off the ground broken screen tragedy
However, if it fell into the water in?
The phone fell into the water, how to save?

1, remove the phone, immediately off
This is very important, regardless of the screen there is no black, was promptly shut down the anti-short circuit board burned out, if not press the power button off, press the power button and Home button until the system is shut down.

Phone out of the water how to do (1)

2, clean up the water body
Remove the SIM card, remove the mobile phone sets and other things, remove the body outside and crannies of water with a paper towel or cloth.
After removing the SIM card dry as soon as possible, headphone and power interface, you can use small dry cotton swab or tissue stuffed article.

Phone out of the water how to do (2)
Absorbent towel or paper towel wrapped body, drain water.
Do not swing! Would have been swinging from entering the inside of the water spread, exposure to the elements can not touch the water, resulting in worse outcomes.

Phone out of the water how to do (3)

3, sack siphoning off water
When you put all visible moisture are removed after the phone put into the bag full of rice, the air drained, sealed. Then the entire thing into a slight fever places, such as at the host computer.
Note: Do not put heat environment, nor can blow hot hair dryer to do so will damage the internal components.
Wait until there is no mist, it is best to put the bag inside 36 hours, remove the naturally returned to room temperature. Try to boot, you can generally be used.

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