What phone sensor can do?

Smart phones are called smart, mainly because it has the additional properties that are not traditional communications equipment. Mobile SoC chip powerful performance and integration for smart phones get more computing power, but to say that enhance the interactive user experience, and indeed those sensors hidden in the back of the phone.
What phone sensor can do
What is the phone sensor?

In simple terms, the sensor Sensor is the phone that can be measured and can be converted into a device or devices available output signal according to certain rules. These sensors are generally composed of sensitive components and conversion components. In this paper, we do not say complex principles visitors to learn more about the scenarios of the sensor.

Light sensor

Light sensor according to the environment where the mobile phone was used to adjust the screen brightness, and some can also breathe freely control the brightness of the lamp status button. For example, in particularly bright outdoor screen automatically to the brightest state, and when in a dark environment, the screen brightness will be reduced accordingly.

distance sensor

The distance sensor is generally combined with the light sensor to use. When you put the phone on the location of the handset, the distance from the sensor is estimated to phone your ear. The different measurements will trigger the corresponding function, such as lock screen automatically turns off the screen or the like, can also be used with a variety of protective sleeve.

Gravity sensor

Nowadays more and more mobile phone screen, once thought to be little need for cross-screen function has long been popular. Usually viewing photos, videos, we usually put the phone sideways action. In some games you can also be achieved by gravity sensor richer interactive control, such as balance ball, racing games.


The concept of an acceleration sensor and gravity sensors slightly overlap, but in fact is not the same. The acceleration sensor is estimated that more than one dimension, the main estimates of some instantaneous acceleration or deceleration action. Such as measuring the velocity of the phone, in the game by the acceleration sensor trigger special instruction. Daily application of some swinging cut songs, flip mute While also used in the sensor.

Fingerprint Sensor

Starting in 2013, the fingerprint sensor starts explosive growth in the smartphone. It can automatically capture user fingerprints, in order to achieve the purpose of protecting privacy. But now with a fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone and not just equipment, but combined with each other and mobile payments, including Apple Pay, Sumsang Pay account are based on the premise of fingerprint sensors to interact.

Gyro sensor

Remember the killer app was just launched the iPhone 4 it? Yes it is a gyroscope. Phone is usually the standard three-axis gyroscope, displacement traceable six directions. Everyday we play some shooting or racing game will need to use this gyro, many applications also by means of a gyro sensor to work, such as 3D camera, panoramic navigation.

The magnetic field sensor

The magnetic field sensor is measured utilizing the reluctance-plane magnetic field, thereby detecting the position of the magnetic field strength and direction. Generally used in common navigation map or compass, helping mobile phone users to achieve accurate positioning. If you are part of the truck, with the map can easily locate electronic compass.

GPS position sensor

GPS module main role is to coordinate information received by the antenna to the satellite with the help of user location. With the popularity of 4G networks, GPS is used in more scenarios, such as hardware and intelligent positioning with remote monitoring, or locating the device to find lost. It should distinguish between a concept, the phone is the general standard A-GPS, a so-called A-GPS navigation receiver is based on satellite signals through more quickly locate the mobile network, more advanced than some of the ordinary GPS.

Pressure sensor

Air pressure sensor has been used before in military mobile phone which is divided into a variable capacity type pressure sensor and variable resistive pressure sensor. Air pressure change causes resistance or capacitance calculation value changes. Usually GPS can calculate your position, but for some degree of change is the need for pressure sensors to measure. This sensor is installed phones can be estimated how many of your day on the floor, or used for indoor positioning, and the internal pressure sensor is mainly test equipment extent closed.

Temperature Sensor

This year a support for the thermal imaging test on the MWC three mobile memorable, it is used in a temperature sensor. Temperature sensor is used to detect temperature changes in the phone itself, you can see the degree of fever phone. Expansion, the temperature sensor can also detect ambient air temperature changes, or even the user’s current body temperature.

Hall sensor

And a magnetic sensor similar to the Hall sensor may be converted to change the output voltage of the magnetic field, thereby generating a potential difference at both ends of the conductor. Some phones comes standard with a number of protective cover, protective cover when closing the phone will automatically lock screen, after opening the protective cover device will automatically unlock.

Ultraviolet sensors

UV sensor utilizes photoelectric effect to measure emission, outdoor shoot light through the camera so that the discharge effect in terms of the measured UV intensity. Now apply this sensor phone rare, and estimates of stability has yet to be seen.

Heart rate sensor

Heart rate sensor worn provided not more common, but the application on the phone is usually provided in the back of the phone position, to measure heart rate through the high brightness LED light source finger way into the corresponding data, the test of time required to hold a finger steady otherwise, the test results have a greater deviation.

Oxygen sensor

And heart rate sensors, different blood hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin absorption ratio of infrared light and red light, this infrared light and two red LED light also illuminates the finger, it can also measure the absorption of the reflected light spectroscopy to measure the blood oxygen content.

What are the conditions to meet the increase in sensor?
What phone sensor can do
Smart phone development so far, you might ask why the popularity of the speed sensor is not fast. In fact increase the sensor on your phone is required to meet certain conditions, such as the operating system itself supports the need to develop a corresponding application with the data record to the sensor, the sensor to ensure that estimates of Intensive control sensor size and cost.

to sum up

Above we cited the current smart phones more mainstream sensors, most of which have become a standard feature of smartphones. We classify these sensors can give, for example, some basic functions of detection, such as the light from the sensor, and some are used in navigation on the estimates, such as GPS, magnetic field sensor. Others are devoted to sports and health, such as heart rate, blood oxygen sensors, ultraviolet sensors. It is these hidden in the phone behind the “black technology” Let’s even easier when using a smart phone.

Sensors and other electronic components, as now are getting smaller and smaller, more cost. The development direction of mobile phone sensors will be thinking of the future how to further enhance the calculation intensive reading, and how to integrate more sensors in devices with limited to perceive the current state of the user.