Phone screen is broken, the automatic fix to teach you 20 minutes!

Phone screen is broken, do not change the screen!
20 minutes to teach you to automatically repair!
After the repair screen particularly robust, smashing hammer are not bad! ! !
iphone 6s accidentally dropped on the floor.

Phone screen is broken (1)

Another screen, is not it?

Phone screen is broken (1)

But first, do not change the screen, there are ways to repair this, take a look at renderings!

Phone screen is broken (2)

Proceed as follows:
1, first, the glue on the local screen breakage.

Phone screen is broken (2)

2, with a scraper glue spread evenly.

Phone screen is broken (3)

3, and then irradiated with ultraviolet light, so that the glue dried.

Phone screen is broken (4)

4, you’re done! Screen perfect as new!


More powerful: after repair screen becomes more robust, with a hammer t
o hit all not bad.

Phone screen is broken (6)

Also very simple principle

Mainly UV glue, it is a one-component UV-curable acrylic resin adhesives, ultraviolet irradiation can be achieved drying adhesive.