Phone recharged into electricity, which is usually five reasons!

The mobile phone replacement fast, a lot of friends keen to buy the latest mobile phone market. Ye Hao bought in front of friends and relatives or colleagues to show off.

However, due to the current body of intelligent machine complex, when something new handset quality problems have occurred, people miserable. Wherein the mobile phone charge does not go all the power of the most common problems among then the phone does not go any electric charge because it summarized the following five points, we want to help.

Phone recharged into electricity (1)

First of all, may be the result of mobile phone system failure battery display problems. The easiest way to solve this problem, can be directly shutdown restart, this is equivalent to the data refresh, general power display will return to normal.

Second, the charger fault occurs. This fault is the main reason why my phone is not in electricity. So how to judge of the charger? Actually very simple, change another charger try. If you can charge it into electricity, then we can conclude that the charger fault occurs.

Encounter this kind of question, can’t, can only buy another charger.

Phone recharged into electricity (2)

Third, the charger and mobile phone poor contact. It is also very common, because the cell phone users carelessness, the charger is not good. The solution is simple, it is back and forth in socket.

Phone recharged into electricity (3)

Fourth, mobile phone battery problems. Generally speaking, the mobile phone is the battery problems are rare. But once there is a problem is big problem, must be taken seriously.

So when find no fault in the charger and mobile phone system, should focus on check the battery. Found that cells swell, so that the battery problems, must immediately stop using, never with fluky psychology.

Here give you a advice, for the battery don’t remove random. Because my battery is easy to cause explosion, serious consequences.

Fifth, the phone itself quality problems. If I buy shanzhai, have a great probability of mobile phone is out of order. If it is a name-brand computer, it needs to return to the original factory processing.

In short for my phone is not in electricity, be specific problem specific analysis, as long as the check from the above five aspects, should can see clear.