Phone charger selection principle

Many friends around to buy a phone charger principle is: not the cheapest, too expensive do not! I believe this is most people’s selection criteria. The real selection criterion should be:
① security, not to hurt the mobile phone battery
② convenient, fast charging
Phone charger selection principle
Actually, these two criteria is a contradiction, want to be safe, requires charger output current is as low as possible, but if the current is too low, the charge naturally very slow.

On the basis of all the regular charger, cell phone charger selection becomes a “pick how much output current” charger problem. Here, the small series to introduce a professional unit “C”, if your battery is 3000mA, then 1C is 3000mA, mobile phone charger output current should be between 0.5 ~ 0.8C, for example, when your phone the battery is 3000mA, and you have selected the charger output current must be between 1.5 ~ 2.4A. But here there is a general limitation, that is, when your phone does not support fast charging, the charger output current should not exceed 2.5A. (Support fast charging phone can accept input current up to 5A, such as oppo R7)

The above is now prevalent 1A, 1.2A, 1.5A, 2A charger four specifications, the safest course. 1A, but in accordance with the standards of 1A charge, then, a 3000mA battery requires three hours to fully charge this is obviously not worthy choice, but if you choose 2A charger, and you are the kind of “sparing charging the phone,” the man, this phone certainly have a lot of damage. In this case, Xiao Bian suggest that you select the “porous charger”, as shown in this support both 1A and 2.1A charger is a good choice, usually at night charging choose 1A, the urgent need to use the phone on the choice of 2.1 a’s.

Computer USB port to charge the phone for you

Computer usb is a standard 5V voltage, the output current is generally less than or equal to 500mA, in most cases, the computer can be assured usb to charge the phone, but this is very slow charging it. But if your battery is not a normal battery, battery nearly full after the phone must not be inserted in the above continue to prevent overcharging.