phone case for tpu case

Water sets, namely TPU case, namely the thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (Themoplastic Urethane)

Water sets down what the concept of innovation is not, it is a blend of silicone and crystal shell jacket, made of transparent silicone belongs to a moderately soft and hard phone case, but also because as transparent as crystal case, so named water.

Silicone Case drawbacks is that use over time, the body and the body inevitably sets “gluey” and sometimes have to let the phone “fly confinement” through a gas can not; and crystal shell due to the texture brittle, easily collapse, may result in frequent replacement . Water sets is not easy to loose deflated, and the right size, it can be said both the silicone sleeve and crystal shell the advantages of both, at the same time, in order to appearance, water sets usually printed on the back with fine pattern, not as sets of silicone and crystal shell as dull colors. Considered to be relatively perfect protection class commodities.

Finally, the old saying goes, no good cheap goods, be careful to buy.
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