phone case for leather / wallet case

iPhone silicone case in all types of mobile phone shell, leather is also very popular. With respect to a single style silicone case, in the workplace, working hard and generous business people prefer to use a decent holster, and advocating casual young man is different, holding a single color appearance models of phones for them is forsaking Tagaytay.

And the same silicone cover, mobile phone leather case is also divided into two, one is popular for many years hanging waist holster for the more common type; the other is a portable pocket holster, and more for N97, iphone and other high-end smart models. Although the two seemingly different appearance, but the manufacturing process is still the same. Advantages portable leather case is unique, decency, do not wear the phone, good heat dissipation, but not waterproof silicone sleeve that can play ache, while leather is too large it is difficult to put into his trouser pocket, somewhat inconvenient to carry around.

Leather quality is uneven. Although leather is everywhere in the stall, but a penny stock, ten dollars will not use natural leather material goods, mostly leather or imitation leather, use will soon be cracking open plastic phenomenon. The leather is durable, long service life, of course, the price is cheap, the price generally ranging in the tens of dollars to several hundred dollars.
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