Phone Case Crystal case

Silicone sleeve and leather is different, but also have enough to achieve comprehensive protection, yet another cell phone protective cover emerged. This is highly favored women crystal shell. It is made from plexiglass, the appearance of thick sturdy shell body is crystal clear. Not only can effectively protect the phone, and does not affect the appearance of large, indeed won the silicone sleeve and leather long.

But also more buy crystal shell test vision. Although crystal shell cost is not high, the process is relatively simple, but some businesses in order to earn higher profits in workmanship and selected materials or province to province. First, the appearance of crystal case depends largely on the abrasive, abrasive good, made out of crystal shell quality mining perfect. The abrasive made by the irregular crystal shell size will be biased, and some can not even fill the phone; secondly, the thickness of the crystal case more stringent requirements. Hardness is too thin or bad, it is easy to break. If too thick, it will affect operations. In addition, since that of the crystal, crystal shell casing had to be bright, but some crystal shell was significantly darker and even yellow, this is a question of cutting corners.

Crystal Case Of course, there are drawbacks, because it has a certain hardness with the phone, so the two will inevitably produce friction, especially in the corners of the phone, the phone usually wear these four parts are the most serious. Shopping need to be cautious, do not be afraid of confinement. Crystal case the price is not expensive, at best tens of dollars, the price is still very affordable.
Phone Case Crystal case

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