Note7 explosion do not blame the battery? S8 continue to use Samsung SDI Battery

Samsung has said it will soon release Note7 bombing door report, it is already clear reason. Galaxy S8 continue to use Samsung SDI batteries may not mean the battery door Note7 bombing culprit.

Note7 explosion do not blame the battery? S8 continue to use Samsung SDI Battery

According to Cult of Mac website reported, Galaxy Note7 bombing door not only Samsung suffered billions of dollars in economic losses, but also to make Samsung into a serious public relations crisis.

However, Samsung does not seem ready to give up the controversial Note7 batteries, but will continue to use Samsung SDI batteries in the next generation of its flagship model Galaxy S8.

Cult of Mac says South Korean media reports, “Samsung recently confirmed the Galaxy S8 battery supply.” The media pointed out that Samsung may choose to implement future battery supply channels of “diversity”, but that it “will continue to use the current Samsung SDI batteries.”

Note7 technology industry is one of the 2016 most failed products, fire about it, a lot of reports of an explosion, even such events: a passenger Note7 dense smoke and the plane burn a hole in the carpet, the American Southwest Airlines plane evacuated the passengers.

In anticipation of Apple’s iPhone 7 will sell quite well, Samsung launched on the market in a hurry Note7.

Cult of Mac says, although the exact cause Note7 bombing door Samsung has not been disclosed (has said it will soon publish the report), but some media reports, Note7 bombing door not because of battery failure, but in the whole design – body design did not reserve enough space for the battery. Samsung Samsung SDI initially considered Note7 bombing battery door reasons for the user to replace the battery when the battery Samsung SDI excluded, but Note7 after replacing the battery still see the same fault.

Galaxy S8 is expected to be released in the first half of this year – probably in April.