Mobile phone touch screen doesn’t work?

In the popularization of the touch screen mobile phone s, everyone is a smart touch screen mobile phone has become a unique scenery line in today’s society. Naturally, then, how to maintain the touch screen of mobile phones is also very important. Tx to tell you something about how to maintenance and repair of mobile phone touch screen problem.

In fact, 80% of mobile phone screen failure because of capacitance screen, capacitive touch small make up today to tell you about the maintenance methods:

1, static: static has much effect on the cell phone capacitive touch, while mobile phone watch film metropolis through anti-static processing, but how many external factors will affect the use of mobile phone screen: human body electrostatic, inferior phone film… So if there is a condition, small make up think your pocket cloth material is much better than the other.

2, oil and sweat and other conductive medium: if such coverage form conductive layer in the mobile phone screen, serious can cause screen drift. So we should pay attention to when using mobile phones to keep the screen clean and concise, don’t cell phone into the water, can clear the screen when necessary.

3, high temperature, do not need more than the temperature of the “high”, 40 ℃, the mobile phone capacitive touch drift phenomenon can occur. If at this temperature for a long time, capacitive touch happens to serious damage. So small make up remind you not to use mobile phones in high temperature environment.

4, magnetic fields: mobile phones the bane of capacitive screen is where a magnetic field, especially the electromagnetic field. With a small magnet on the capacitive screen for a period of time, the capacitance screen will failure (or even permanent). So small make up remind you, don’t put mobile phone for a long time in magnetic object!

5, unstable voltage: when mobile phone touch screen technology is not yet very mature, the general mobile phone touch screen when used by the “current” to locate the position of the finger. So when the external environment or voltage instability, capacitance screen can also occur drift or failure. The reasons for this phenomenon is mainly because the current mobile phone capacitive touch technology is not perfect enough, determine predicted range of mobile phone capacitive touch screen is not stable.

Finally, in fact, in theory the linear relationship between capacitance of the product but are not necessarily linear, because a lot of the controllable factors (weight and degree of sweating, strength, weather, humidity, current relationship even wear nails, etc.) will affect the actual operation performance of mobile phone capacitive screen. To really do to protect mobile phone touch screen, TX think we only try to pay attention to the related factors in daily use and control, regular cleaning and ask professional maintenance to maximize the extend the service life of mobile phone touch screen.

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