How do mobile phone screen crashes

Why talk about the phone screen will fail it, only know the cause can address the problem.

How do mobile phone screen crashesElectric and electrostatic interference

Now almost all the mobile phone screen capacitive screen screen, capacitive screen and rely on the body’s current sensing work, so the applied electric field and the applied current will interfere with the normal operation of the phone screen, where the applied current is typically overflow current.

This usually occurs above to charge the phone at the time, the typical symptom is the sliding screen, card screen. The reason is because the vast majority of the charger is not original, it is certain that even the charger rated output current is too high. Of course, using a charging treasure will happen at the same time, in the case of the charging interface is not quite match such events will occur.

Way to solve such problems of course is also very simple. First, the phone should be turned off, and then take a matching data cable into the phone, and the other end connected to the data line and the conductive metal, the remainder may remain electrically introducing ground on the line (in general, this step can be omitted, after all, electrostatic this kind of thing in itself is unstable), if you find it troublesome to take direct block under a damp cloth to wipe the screen is also possible. Then the next thing you do is try to match a original charger, if not original, it is equipped with a “suitable charger”!

Touch screen is broken or poor contact touch panel cable

In recent years, almost all mobile phones produced in whole fit screen, full screen eradicate bonded structure which can be divided into two, one is the touch function on the external screen is touch another structure on the internal display (with respect to Causes external screen is glass, the most typical is the iPhone), apparently the first case the screen is more prone to failure problem, which is why Apple broken screen touch phone is also normal, while many domestic mobile phone really do not to this point (do not think this is a bad thing, to repair the screen when you know the kind of design is more cost-effective)

When the phone after a violent collision that can damage the touch screen, while the phone’s internal cable is also easy to loose, which will cause the screen to malfunction. There are some friends will find the screen will appear after the phone repair failure phenomenon, it is because the maintenance division at the time of installation does not install a solid result, at this time needs to be returned again.

How unlocking operation after the failure of the phone screen cell phone it

Sometimes your phone screen failure, we still want to operate a mobile phone access to our desired data in it can not be directly manipulated by mobile phone screen case, it can only brush machine.