Mobile phone LCD screen classification

The STN (Super Twisted Nematic) screen, also known as the Super Twisted Nematic liquid crystal display screen. Joined in traditional monochrome liquid crystal display color filter, and every pixel of monochrome display matrix is divided into three pixels, respectively through the color filter shows red, green, blue three primary colors, to show the effect of color, color is given priority to with light green and orange. The STN belongs to reflective LCD screen, it has the advantage of low consumption, but poor in darker environment definition.

The STN is also our contact type of material, at present there are mainly CSTN and DSTN, it belongs to the passive matrix LCD device, so low consumption, save electricity, slower, but it should be time for 200 milliseconds.

CSTN generally adopted transmission type lighting, must use outside lighting, called backlight, lighting source to install on the back of the LCD.

Nokia Lumia 1020 lcd (3)

TFT LCD screen phone

TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Thin Film field effect Transistor, namely belongs to one of the active matrix liquid crystal display. It can be “active” to control of individual pixels on the screen, this can greatly improve the reaction time. General TFT relatively fast response time, about 80 milliseconds, and large visual Angle, generally can reach 130 degrees, is mainly used in high-end products. Thin film field effect transistor, refers to the liquid crystal display on each LCD pixel point is the integration of the thin film transistor to drive after that. In order to achieve high speed, high brightness, high contrast display screen information. Belongs to active matrix LCD TFT, technically with the method of the “active matrix” to drive, the method is to use thin film transistors electrode technology have made, by using the method of scanning “initiative,” control an arbitrary point on and off, when the lights first by polarizing film under high up, with the help of transmission light liquid crystal molecules, reach the purpose of display by shading and pervious to light.

TFT – LCD liquid crystal display is type thin film transistor liquid crystal display, is the “true color” (TFT). TFT LCD for each pixel has a semiconductor switch, each pixel can through the point of pulse directly control, which are relatively independent, each node and can be continuous control, not only improves the display speed, and can precisely control levels, TFT LCD color so more true. TFT LCD display screen is the feature of good brightness, high contrast, administrative levels feels strong, bright color, but there are also more power consumption and high cost. To speed up the development of the mobile phone color TFT LCD technology. A new generation of color screen mobile phone a lot of support in 65536, according to the color or even support 160000 color display, TFT high-contrast at this moment, the advantages of rich colors are very important.

Composition of type TFT LCD is mainly include: fluorescent tube, guide plate, polarizing film, filter plate, glass, match to the film, liquid crystal materials, thin model transistor and so on.

TFD mobile phone LCD screen

TFD (Thin Film Diode) the screen, also known as a semipermeable membrane Diode type liquid crystal display. TFD technology developed by the seiko epson and company, specialized in mobile phone screen. It is TFT and compromise of the STN, is better than the brightness and color saturation of the STN, than TFT save electricity. The biggest characteristic is in the closed backlight (reflection mode) or turn on the backlight (transmission mode) conditions can provide high quality, easy to watch the show, and has low power consumption, high quality, high response speed, etc.

UFB mobile phone LCD screen

UFB LCD is in March 2002, the company released a phone with a new type of liquid crystal display device, has the characteristics of ultra-thin, high brightness. UFB – LCD display is designed for mobile phone and PDA design, has the characteristics of ultra-thin, high brightness, 65536 kinds of color can be shown, 128 x160, the resolution of the display also adopted the special grating design, can reduce the pixel pitch, in order to obtain better image quality.

UFB LCD contrast is twice that of the STN LCD screen in 65536 when the color brightness and TFT screen, and less electricity than TFT screen, the same way as the STN displays, and price is combined with the advantages of these two kinds of existing products

OLED mobile phone LCD screen

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display), Organic light-emitting Display, belongs to the new product on mobile phone LCD, was admired as “dream Display”. OLED display technology and the traditional LCD display in a different way, no need backlight, with very thin organic materials coating and glass substrates, when a current through the organic material will glow. And OLED display screen can do much lighter, more visual Angle, and can significantly save power consumption. Currently in OLED technology of two system, low molecular OLED technology for Japan to master, and polymer PLED (LG phones so-called OEL is product of the system) technologies and patents held by British technology company of CDT, both PLED products compared to the colorization of there are still some difficulties.