mobile phone LCD screen

Mobile phone LCD screen can be divided into: the STN, TFT screen, TFD UFB screen, screen, screen OLED screen.As color commonly, screen material is becoming more and more important.The color screen of mobile phones because LCD quality varies, and research and development technology, its kinds roughly TFT, TFD, UFB, several kinds of the STN and OLED.In general can display colors can more complicated images, the level of the picture is more abundant.
Nokia x6 lcd (6)
To remove a few kinds of LCD, also can see some of the other on some mobile phone LCD, such as Japan’s SHARP GF screen and CG (continuous crystalline silicon).Comparison of the two belong to different species, GF improvement for the STN, can improve the brightness, and CG is high-precision high-quality LCD can achieve QVGA resolution (240 x 320) pixel size.

Nokia  N500 lcd (8)
The STN early color screen is the main device, the original can only display 256 color, while through technical innovation can display 4096 or even 65536 colors, but it is now generally the STN is still 256 colors, the advantages are: low price, small energy consumption.Good TFT brightness, high contrast, administrative levels feels strong, bright color.Defect is more power consumption, high cost.UFB is specially designed for mobile phone and PDA screen, its characteristic is: ultra-thin, highlighting degrees.Can display 65536 colors, resolution of 128 x 160 resolution can be achieved.UFB display USES a special grating design, can reduce the pixel pitch, get a better picture quality.UFB combines the advantages of the STN and TFT: power consumption less than TFT, price is similar to the STN.

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