LCD screen has wits iPhone8 OLED screen will change

Although speaking, iPhone ‘s screen is still the world’s most outstanding phone one screen, but the LCD screen Apple has an edge to the extreme, the next generation iPhone will use the OLED screen has become almost indisputable fact. Currently, including Samsung, Google and other manufacturers have begun to be reflected in the advantages of OLED screens, according to a foreign media comment, Apple does not want to fall behind in this industry, OLED screen is no choice to pass.


Next year, Apple’s iPhone will face a crisis. This is not my personal thoughts, but Apple screen suppliers Sharp president Wu Dai positive point of view.

Experts in the display screen test bodies DisplayMate Technologies Raymond Suonei Ya (Raymond Soneira) opinion, although Apple will not fall into such a terrible predicament, but the future is no alternative.

Switching to OLED screen imperative

“Apple has the iPhone LCD screen to an extreme,” Suo Neiya in an email that “in order to maintain the forefront of innovation smart machine, Apple really need to use an OLED screen in the next iPhone models.”

Wu is more directly on straight, he thinks Apple is facing a crisis of innovation, it requires a equipped iPhone OLED screen to reflect the company’s ability to innovate. Wear positive Wu recently accepted the “Nikkei News” interview, seemed confident that Apple will launch OLED version of iPhone models in the next year.

“I do not know if Apple OLED version of the iPhone will be hot, but if Apple does not go this route, make changes, then they would not have innovation, which is a crisis but it is also an opportunity,” he said.

Opponents already using OLED screen

Apple’s main rival is already using OLED screen. Needless to say, Samsung, and the company already uses the OLED screen on its flagship Galaxy machines, such as the latest release of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge . Google new Pixel,Huawei P9 Plus , also were using this screen. Future use OLED screen manufacturers more and more.

Samsung OLED screen clearly leading the boom, S7 Edge has adopted curved OLED screen. “The most important thing is, a flexible screen surface and is certainly the future trend of development,” said Suo Neiya.

Put aside the future sculptured iPhone screen is not said that the second-generation Moto X , and HP Elite x3 can be a good explanation why Apple will be forced to enter the OLED mobile phone market. I Elite x3 as an intelligent machine or Windows 10 “Desktop” to use, it is equipped with 6 inches giant screen.Although the iPhone 7 in  Plus LCD screen is used iPhone the best screen, but Elite x3 screen brighter, more vivid colors and accurate.

Suonei Ya said the other advantages of OLED screens also include: Response time is very short, look at the bigger perspective, always (always on) display mode, the image contrast and accurate screen uniformity and good.

“Rumors that Apple will use the OLED screen on the iPhone, this is in fact the above advantages of OLED screen recognition, especially in the case of a growing number of competitors in the mobile phone using OLED screen,” Suo Neiya against Samsung’s latest Galaxy said the phone evaluation.

Next year’s version of the iPhone Configuration OLED

Over the past few months of rumors, Apple version of the iPhone will use the OLED screen without borders, both sides are made of glass, Home button and cameras or integrated directly into the screen. But the screen size is still different opinions, it may be 5.5 inches between 5.8 inches.

Apple is likely to be launched in more traditional LCD screen version of iPhone, size 4.7 Yingcun Zhi 5. The 5 Yingcun between. But OLED screen would help Apple out of the “crisis” break with tradition, key innovations implementation.Moreover, OLED screens also help Apple’s future participation in the folding screen mobile phone contention.