LCD or will be eliminated, the future of the OLED has come

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  • 09/12/2016
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Mobile phone, since the development of liquid crystal display (LCD) is the most basic standard of the phone. Over the past 20 years, although LCD market size from 200 million to 3 billion, increased by 15 times. But from a technical perspective, the LCD market has been stagnant stage, according to industry needs new development momentum. Now, as technology matures and cost and the solution of the bottleneck problems, such as life, OLED stand out, the market is expanding rapidly, according to industry has entered a new period.

OLED has high brightness, high contrast, high color gamut range and viewing Angle, low energy consumption, more light and flexible, etc. We can find that in the past two years, with the improving of the samsung OLED technology, past particles are heavy, shortcomings and so on color untrue, low service life has been perfected gradually, the increase in the number of mobile phones have obvious AMOLED screen, such as in vivo, OPPO, meizu domestic manufacturer of high-end phones have begun to use the technology, and see the good.

LCD or will gone OLED has come in the future

on the other hand, the company recently disclosed that will update the iPhone in 2017, the OLED screen is introduced in the planned the use to the screen, and the MacBook on the two models. Is generally believed that as the leading enterprise in mobile phone industry, apple’s involvement will detonate OLED market, further promoted the domestic manufacturers of OLED industry layout.

Market Research agencies UBI Research, according to a report in the next few years, smartphone manufacturers on the market will adopt flexible AMOLED panel, a large number of AMOLED panel size of the market in 2016 is expected to reach $15 billion, more than 40% higher than $2015 in 10 billion. AMOLED panel shipments will reach 270 million units in 2016, a 16% increase in 230 million than in 2015. By the end of 2020, AMOLED the size of the market is expected to reach $67 billion, compound annual growth rate will be above 45%.

It is not hard to imagine that OLED is likely to replace the LCD, be the future standard configuration of the smart phone. At the same time, with the continuous development of OLED technology, and improve production capacity, its application scenario will greatly extend, in addition to smart phones, the Internet of things, smart hardware, VR/AR, lighting and other applications will be key.