iPhone 6S unexpected shutdown real reason another new interpretation of the story is good

iPhone 6S unexpected shutdown event to replace the battery free Apple ended, but exactly why the shutdown, Apple is vague. There are even news that, even for a battery, iPhone 6S is also relevant machine to happen.

iPhone 6S unexpected shutdown real reason another new interpretation of the story is goodChip close-up

Recently, a micro-channel public queen revealed the real reason for the shutdown of the iPhone 6S, which represents this thing “culprit” is actually from Texas Instruments, which is the iPhone 6S sinking model SN27546 chip, which is tailored for Apple Ti power computer chips.

Specifically, the fuel gauge’s role is to accurately display the remaining battery charge status, it is important for the user’s life expectant management. Unfortunately many domestic machine did not add independent fuel gauge, but simply by the electrical properties of the battery to judge roughly curve.

So many phone once to show 10% or even 20% of the power will be shut down at any time, and Apple can normally to 1% and then shut down. But once the fuel gauge problem itself, naturally all hell broke loose: the battery obviously there is electricity, fuel gauge had “Jiaozhao” master shutdown notification rest.

So, in fact, Apple’s official statement should be: “a minority in 2015 September-October during the production of the iPhone 6S apparatus, of Ti fuel gauge in a controlled environment exposed to air for too long before you insert the battery pack, the battery power consumption faster than normal, leading to unexpected shutdown , this is not a security issue. ”

Apple did not come out for the Ti, probably because Ti killed does not recognize …

So the question is, if it is power computer chips is a problem, replace the battery in the end there is no use?

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