HTC Nexus, new configuration exposure Home button a little fresh

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  • 08/10/2016
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Code the Sailfish HTC Nexus, new configuration has been released, again confirmed this year Google Nexus is still the combination of screen size.

HTC Nexus, new configuration exposure Home button a little fresh

From HTC will Nexus, new contract two paragraphs, as to develop code for Sailfish respectively, swordfish and Marlin, Marlin. And now, the code of the Sailfish HTC Nexus xinji has appeared in a graphical test site GFXBench database, and display is equipped with 5 inch touch screen and Xiao dragon 820 processor, with 4 gb of RAM + 32 gb ROM storage combination, and carrying the Android 7.0 system, is expected to debut in early October, and will be the operator Verizon custom release.

Sailfish configuration exposure

After HTC contract Nexus, new S1 (code: Sailfish) have been part of the configuration is exposed, and now graphics GFXBench test site can be brought to us the machine more detailed specifications. Including 1080 p resolution will be equipped with 5.0 inch touch screen, carrying Xiao dragon 820 quad-core processors, with 4 gb of RAM + 32 gb ROM combination of storage and loading of 8 million pixels front-facing camera and 12 million pixel camera, support 4 k video recording, and provides the NFC function.

At the same time the Nexus S1, new will come with Android 7.0, and rumors will carry 2770 mah battery, support qualcomm QC3.0 fast filling technology and using the fingerprint identification design on the back, and will join the USB Type – C interface. Therefore, the combination of code Marlin HTC Nexus phone will be equipped with a 5.5 -inch touch screen that also means that this year the Nexus of the combination of the new machine will be the same size screen, and the differences in the hardware configuration.

Home button has changed

HTC Nexus, new configuration exposure Home button a little fresh

And, of course, have always been Nexus attractive not hardware specifications, but starting how Android system will bring new experiences. A GIF images, according to the exposure on the network, according to this year’s Nexus Home button ICONS have been great changes of, there will be four small points, is said to be Google to promote Google Assistant design specially.

Specifically, if the user closes the phone Google Now function, then the four small point on the Home button will be gathered together, and disappear. And want the four dot move, users need to through the long way Home button. This year, in addition, the foreign media AndroidPolice also revealed the Nexus of xinji will support “by falling on fingerprint identification to call out the notification bar” function, and from the point of the presentation of release, and the code of the Sailfish xinji has little difference, it is proved the existence of the machine and the new “indigo blue color, etc.

At the beginning of October debut

Be worth what carry is, according to the fact a great god @ evleaks on twitter revealed that, the operator Verizon will launch two models “Nexus”, and push in the special remind everybody to pay attention to the Nexus of double quotes. For this reason, this does not only mean the Nexus of this year, new customized version will have operators, but also on the mobile phone name will change, in the Google Nexus in the family for the first time in this situation.

As for this year Google Nexus, new release time, according to foreign media Droid Life previously disclosed the news, said by HTC of two new products will be released on October 4th, but it remains to be further confirmed the truth of news.