Headset is coming!Apple’s official website sale iPhone 7 adapter headphones

On August 15, 2016, has built two iphones apple China website interface of headsets, price is RMB 6498 yuan and 5698 yuan respectively.The two phones delivery time is 4 to 6 weeks, just before the fact people mentioned iPhone listed 7 days.The two headsets from third parties Audeze brand, not apple’s own Beats, also is to let people by surprise.

Headset is coming!Apple's official website sale iPhone 7 adapter headphones

Headset is coming!Apple’s official website sale iPhone 7 adapter headphones (image from idownloadblog)Before this news shows that apple fall iPhone 7 mobile will almost certainly cancel 3.5 mm headphone jack.And for consumers there is a bad rumors, 7 will not throw in the new iPhone headphones from interface.Apple’s official website has now adapted built two new from the headset.Both headsets from third party brand Audeze, model points Don’t let the “EL – 8 Titanium Closed – Back”, “EL – 8 Open – Back”, price is very expensive, pick up into an iPhone starting price.¬†Current leaked information comprehensively, iPhone7 still there will be two paragraphs.Among them, the 4.7 inch version will be named the iPhone 7, USES a single lens design;And 5.5 inch version will be called the iPhone Pro, equipped with two cameras for the first time, the common feature is will cancel the lines on the back of the day, and the change in the fuselage and edges on both ends up and down, support life waterproof and carrying ios10 official version, the storage capacity by the 32 gb, and will provide up to 256 gb version.It is understood that the iPhone 7 will formally accept reservation on September 9, is expected to officially on sale in September 16 Friday.At the same time, apple has on Tuesday or Wednesday released a new generation of the iPhone’s tradition, so the iPhone is expected to officially released seven time possible is September 6th.

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