Flexible LCD screen can be listed 2018 phones will be used

The iPhone screen supplier to Japan Display flexible LCD screen will be shipped next year.

Flexible LCD screen can be listed in 2018, these phones will be used

Japan Display is a Display makers in Japan, it is one of the main suppliers of the iPhone screen. Soon, the company will provide flexible LCD screen for each mobile phone manufacturer, the characteristics of these screens would be similar to the samsung Edge flexible OLED screen on the phone. According to the Japan, chief executive of the Display is introduced, the flexible LCD screen will be shipped in 2018.

It is understood that this product will be traditional LCD screen in glass layer of plastic material. While using the technology of bending than OLED screen, but also makes it equipped mobile phones similar samsung Edge surface effect.

Japan Display, said there are already some companies expressed interest in flexible LCD screen, but this does not mean that the iPhone will also use it on the screen. On the contrary, speculation has been pointed out that apple will instead for this year or next iPhone equipped with OLED screen.

Other media reports, Apple might flexible LCD screen is used in the midrange iPhone, MacBook and even Apple on the Car, but it all seems to be some far from us.

Japan Display is working with China and South Korea enterprise in the fierce competition, it is because of the slow progress in OLED technology has been a lot of criticism. Japan Display in December for a sum of money, as part of the deal, it won the OLED screen manufacturers Joled control. Joled previously is SONY and panasonic formed a joint venture company.

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