Details about the design of the Galaxy Note 7 do you know?

Galaxy Note 7 with the Galaxy S7 Edge, though it may seem, but in the new flagship samsung paid more attention to the details of the changes and improvements.

Details about the design of the Galaxy Note 7 do you know?

Although in the eyes of ordinary people, seem to have the Galaxy Galaxy Note 7 design style S7 Edge, nothing much different, but in some detail design, with samsung, many “first time”. If you don’t know, take a look at the samsung official given some of the latest manufacturing technology is introduced.

First of all, the Galaxy Note 7 using the highest hardness of 7000 series aluminum alloy as the borders, and compared with the Galaxy S7, hardness increased 1.3 times, scratch-resistant capacity increased 1.2 times. In addition, to a Pen with a built-in grooves, samsung 3 d thermoforming technology, try to get the edge of the Galaxy Note 7 has the largest curvature.

At the same time, the Galaxy Note 7 or use corning fifth generation gorilla glass panel in the first paragraph smartphones. Another Galaxy Note 7 also USES the technology of one – glass screen, the touch sensor directly embedded inside the screen, can make screen corresponding speed faster, and the screen overall thinner, lighter and lighter.

Details about the design of the Galaxy Note 7 do you know?

In addition, the positive and the back edge of the Galaxy Note 7 with the bending radius is 0.5 mm, and together with the metal frame perfect fusion, without any sense of bulge. At the same time, the Galaxy bulge on S7 cams were “smooth”, the overall impression more fashion, more unified, and a hand for one-handed operation more easily.

Finally, is the “coral blue” are amazing new color matching, according to samsung, this color to let a person look more vivid, more calm, and samsung coral blue body with the metal frame in different color contrast, the unexpected effects.

Well, how about the the design of the Galaxy Note 7, do you think more beautiful?

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