Curved surface screen to use? samsung ? LG ?

First of all, the curved surface screen mobile phone more resistant to fall off, the flexible screen made of a special plastic non-rigid glass as substrate, better elasticity and not easily broken. The mainstream glass screen is very expensive to repair, additional resistance to fall off, face to face with the screen will more fragile than curved surface screen mobile phone. Call screen surface has better experience.

While I talk on the phone, curved surface screen mobile phone also can better fit the face, especially the chubby face user choice.

Better big screen surface screen, curved screen has higher hand feeling.

Today, both smartphones and display and so on, the screen size is bigger and bigger, that from the perspective of practicability, curved surface screen may be more save space, more convenient operation. Speak of the surface mobile phone, just think of curved surface screen mobile phone LG G Flex2 now. Surface display of mobile phone besides appearance novel, the function also has a lot of unique place