To avoid a repeat of the embarrassment Apple actually control “baseband” Performance

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  • 11/21/2016
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Last year, Apple released iPhone 6s after Apple A9 processors were used 16nmFinFET TSMC and Samsung 14nmFinFET process, since there are slight differences in performance would cause the user to return the process A9 processor Samsung iPhone 6s . The release of Apple iPhone7 were using Qualcomm baseband and Intel also have similar problems. Latest news shows, Apple in order to ensure iPhone7 have the same performance but may degrade the performance of Qualcomm baseband.


It is understood that Qualcomm supplied to iPhone7 baseband as X12, support LTE Cat12 technology, 14nmFinFET process; and Intel supplied iPhone7 is XMM7360, only supports LTE Cat9 technology, using 28nm process. Since the process is more natural behind the higher power consumption, while Intel baseband supports only 450Mb PS download speed, Qualcomm baseband supports up to 600Mbps.

According to the latest Bloomberg reported that Apple in fact deliberately limited the iPhone7Qualcomm baseband performance, so that it and Intel baseband match. In the United States through the actual test situation, Verizon  iPhone 7 inActual speed (Qualcomm baseband) only & T than the AT  iPhone 7 in(Intel baseband) a little faster; It should be noted that the same Qualcomm MDM9645 baseband Samsung the S7 the Galaxy , download speed is twice as they also.

In response, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller said in a statement: “Every unitthe iPhone. 7 , the iPhone. 7 Plus . Are met or exceeded all of Apple’s wireless performance standards, quality and reliability testing in all of our standards-based wireless industry rigorous laboratory tests in the field thousands of hours of field tests, extensive testing carrier partners, the data show any model ( the iPhone  . 7) wireless performance are not significantly different. “