Apple iphone will not power on

You may be charged for some time, sometimes because of power problems that cause can not boot, then if a charged or will not turn on, then try the following method, if you still can not open the machine, it was suggested to the aftermarket to handle it.

Apple iphone can not boot

Connect iPhone to your computer, open iTunes client software on the computer. After holding down the Home button below the screen, press and hold the power button at the top of the screen, while maintaining the two key and hold a blank screen and other iPhone, release the power button until the computer detects new hardware is displayed, release the Home button. Then the computer will automatically detect the iTunes in recovery mode iPhone device, simply point to restore, you can restore the iPhone to factory state system, the fault can be resolved.

Hold down the menu button above and below the rectangular main circular screen button for about 15 seconds to 20 seconds