4.6 -inch single-screen version certification, new flagship named Xperia XZ

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  • 08/11/2016
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SONY or there will be code-named Kugo and Kagura launched two new handsets, the former will be named Xperia XR, the latter for the second half of the flagship, formally known as Xperia XZ.

4.6 -inch single-screen version certification, new flagship named Xperia XZ

From SONY will be released on September 1st of the new machine will be named Xperia XR, now has the latest statement. According to the report from foreign BBS, said the aircraft is the formal name for Xperia XZ, the so-called SONY Xperia XR is a small screen device, has now passed the FCC certification, mobile phones, code-named “Kugo”, with a 4.6 -inch touch screen and a 2700 mah battery, at the same time, it also means that SONY mobile in the near future there will be two new handsets.

New FCC certification

According to Japan’s blog blogofmobile reports, SONY mobile has a new handsets won the United States federal communications commission (FCC) certification, its mobile phone code is “Kugo”, support the FDD – LTE/TD – LTE/w-cdma/GSM network, and equipped with 2700 mah battery. Although the FCC this does not release the aircraft more specific configuration, but there are network revealed the single-screen version will be equipped with a 5.2 -inch touch screen, carrying Xiao dragon 820 processor, even with 4 gb of RAM memory.

4.6 -inch single-screen version certification, new flagship named Xperia XZ

But that was quickly denied that, according to the report, according to the code “Kugo” xinji formally known as SONY Xperia XR, will be equipped with a 4.6 -inch touch screen, with Xiao dragon 650 processor. Therefore, judging from touch screen size it should be true Compact series models, as for 4 gb of RAM memory it is net friend’s dream.

The new flagship named Xperia XZ

As for the second half of SONY’s upcoming would be named Xperia XZ, while internal code-named “Kagura”, namely the existing in the network several times in the SONY F833X of exposure, and according to the Revelations of so-called hundred of BBS claimed that the machine will be equipped with this 5.2 -inch touch screen, carrying Xiao dragon 820 processor, front-facing camera has 13 million pixels and 23 million pixel camera, support functions such as the laser focus.

In addition, according to the test site GFXBench graphics, according to the information published after the machine also has 3 gb of RAM + 32 gb ROM storage combination, and carry the Android 6.0.1 system, and rumors can add USB – C interface for the first time, equipped with 3720 mah battery, support qualcomm QC3.0 quick charge technology.

Released on September 1,

Just now there is no SONY Xperia XR was uncovered photos, while in the latter half of SONY Xperia flagship XZ allegedly will adopt new Tube Design Tube Design, with a 2.5 D curved glass, and integration of fingerprint identification module on the power button, but the frame Design of a mobile phone and there is no prominent highlights, screen accounts for less than it looks perfect, at the same time, the Design on the back of mobile phone looks some alternative, especially in the second part, it seems, are still using the strip of plastic components, allegedly likely line Design for days.

, SONY mobile has determined to IFA2016 the day before, during and after the exhibition was held on September 1, product launches, officially launched the Xperia XZ, as for the 4.6 -inch Xperia XR will synchronize come on stage there is no definite news. In addition, according to sources in microblog revealed that in the past, the second half of SONY launched the flagship of the new version will be legal channels, so the Xperia XZ, or will be on sale this year in the Chinese mainland market SONY’s first flagship product.