$ 300 Made My Own iPhone – in China

Core: It took about a month or so to buy parts for about $ 300, and a little more money, but Alan made a 16GB, rose gold iPhone 6S, running iOS 9 system.

Scotty Allen is a traveler and he is also interested in all the unknown stuff, and he decides to accept the new challenge – DIY has an iPhone. When he rested in Shenzhen, he found that he could buy all the components needed to build the iPhone, and the total cost of the iPhone market was only half the price.

IHS estimates that the cost of a 16GB iPhone 6S Plus is $ 236 and the selling price is $ 650, and Allen’s iPhone is only half the price.

Allen’s DIY iPhone plan finally successfully completed, the total cost of more than $1000, but of course it contains unused parts and tools, the end product of the actual cost about $300.

Allen originally intended to own the motherboard, but later found it better than imagined. Mainly because of Touch ID and Secure Enclave matching problem. He finally decided to buy a recycling comes with Touch ID sensor logic board.

Complete the DIY iPhone plan, Allen also filmed a documentary.

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