What Can Master Super Touch Panel  for iPad Solves for You?


Most of the products on the aftermarket focus on roughly mimicking the appearance than the overall performance of the original; They are inferior in appearance, thick in thickness, and insensitive to touch, there will be problems such as installation failure, disconnection of touch, and splash screen.








The master super touch panel for iPad breaks through the technology on the aftermarket and is closest to the original in terms of the touch function and product appearance.
The thickness of the cover glass is only 0.5mm, which can be installed seamlessly;
The touch sensitivity and accuracy of the screen are the best among the existing touch
screens in the Chinese aftermarket.


Four Advantages of Master Super Touch Panel for iPad

1.[ Upgraded Appearance ]
Not just simply black and white, but brighter and whiter color just the same as the original which can stun you at the first glance.









【Master Quality】
0.5mm high aluminum and 4h high tempered white glass as the cover glass can achieve:
● Original bright milky white color
● Higher antioxidant rate and excellent yellowing resistance
● Anti-drop, scratch-resistant
● Thin and light, can be installed


【Aftermarket Quality】
At least 0.6mm thickness, no tempered or poor tempered regular greenish glass or acrylic as the cover glass material leads to:
Greenish white color
● No yellowing resistance
● The acrylic material will even cause a poor touch effect
● Non-safety effect
● Not fit well


2.[ Upgraded Touch Layers ]
The most sensitive and accurate touch panel in the aftermarket at present, which can sense the touch of every corner.















【Master Quality】
Touch function's best among all aftermarket's quality:
● Original electroplated purple-red copper circuit, dense capacitor matrix arrangement, making the master able to achieve higher sensitivity and accuracy;
● Double-layer circuit/sensor, Real multi-touch;
● PET layers outmost after the cable's bent, sensor not exposed to air, which can better protect the circuit from oxidizing.
● Excellent anti-reflection layer perfectly eliminates etching marks brings excellent visual effects.


【Aftermarket Quality】
Simply imitating the original in appearance, and lead to a worse touch effect:
● Silver paste circuit or rough pale-purple copper circuit and sparse capacitance matrix arrangement makes it has the less sensitive touch and less similar color;
● Sensor layer outmost after the cable's bent, which brings non-sensitive touch and easy-oxidized and easy-damaged circuit;
● Non-anti-reflection layer or poor anti-reflection layer.


3.[ Upgraded Details ]
Pursuing the real high quality, unlimited restoration of the original,
even the small accessories are equally exquisite.










【Master Quality】
Details all 1:1 restoration the original:
● Real laser electroplating ring like the original (The electroplating circle shows a 360° rainbow gradient color)
● 1:1 screen slotting
● Real anti-static coating
● Real insulated cable glue
● Real copper pins


【Aftermarket Quality】
Details all roughly made:
● Pigment-printed ring (The color is stiff, changing the angle does not change color)
● No anti-static coating
● Non-insulated cable glue
● Non-copper pins


4.[ Upgraded Accessories ]
For your quick one-step installation, we focus on prepare complete accessories that may be overlooked by most people.


【Master Quality】
Packaging with:
● High-quality tesa glue
● Dust-proof and anti-static cotton
● Front camera bracket
● Home bottom (Depends on model)
● Cable positioning glue


【Aftermarket Quality】
Packaging with:
● No tesa glue or other low-end adhesive glue
● No dust-proof and anti-static cotton
● No front camera bracket
● No home bottoms
● No cable positioning glue












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