7 reasons why to choose TX Electronics LCD Screen

High-quality raw material

Each spare parts are select of grade A+ quality raw material.

Advanced equipment

Produce with the latest automatic integrative machines.

Exquisite craftsmanship with Professional technique

The highest technology dust free workshop and professional production control.

Strict quality control

Every employee must receive professional training and strictly control the quality of production to guarantee the quality standard of screen display and touch function.

Testing 3 times on mobile phone one by one

Corresponding mobile phone installation testing and prolonged use of testing to promise quality stability and global version compatibility.

Best after-sales guarantee

Each product has a two-year warranty. As long as it is not artificially damaged, our team will resend new one for you in the next order.

Customer service

Once any order or product quality problem occurs, contact our sales team to provide you with services and solutions as soon as possible.

Quality determines price

The mobile phone screens in the repair market are roughly divided into the following qualities, ORI NEW, OEM, OLED, Incell, Oncell, high copy A+++.

Even though every supplier offers the same OLED models but the price and the actually quality is not exactly the same. What should we believe?

Believe that quality determines price. With a good quality mobile phone screen, the price will naturally be higher.

Structure of the LCD

LCD assembly is made up of 8 spare parts as follow,

  1. Touch panel
  2. Backlight
  3. Lcd only
  4. flex cable
  5. polarizer1,
  6. polarizer2,
  7. IC chip.

Every parts use grade A+ quality raw material

TX Electronics has 16 years of experience in the mobile phone screen industry. We have a professional market team that regularly visits the industry supply chain to collect information.

To select raw materials of the best quality and the most beautiful prices for production.




Produce with import high grade A+ complete glass material and precise molds.

Strengths: Precise screen size, no color dots and defect, clear and beautiful screen display.







Touch panel

Produce with high-quality OCA sodium silicate material.

Strengths: High touch sensitive, fall and wear-resisting, screen sticking without bubbles.





Flex cable

Produce with 1:1 high quality original material, high flexibility, precise welding of circuitry connectors, longer service life than others.




Polarizer3 layers of backlight, produced in dust free room, no dust no dots.








Produce with quality material and advanced equipment.

Strengths: Precise size and hole position, high degree of adhesion, not easy to separate.


IC chip: Imported original brands IC.


The function of IC chip: Control LCD screen database and version.

Strengths: Version compatibility, data automatic updates and stable that is not easy to lose.





The backlight layer is an indispensable and important part of the phone screen, and its quality directly affects whether the display effect of the display is good enough and the brightness of the display.


There are 3 types of backlight in the market. TX Electronics choose the High color gamut and brightness backlight. Produce with 1:1 high quality material, uniform screen brightness, high degree of glue adhesion, reduce the light leakage rate.


Each part is our team carefully selected raw materials, the use of reasonable price, high quality material composition, to bring our customers the best quality products.


Advanced equipment

Factory environment:Dust free workshop, dust-proof clothing, to guarantee products quality.

All LCDs are produced by the latest advanced equipment to ensure the highest quality.

lcd supplier

Exquisite craftsmanship with Professional technique & Strict quality control

Professional technicians control the whole production line. Every employee must receive professional training and strictly control the quality of production to guarantee the quality standard of screen display and touch function.


Quality detection Testing 3 times on mobile phone one by one

TX Electronics has a strong R&D team. When each product is in mass production, we will buy different versions of mobile phones to test the screen to ensure the compatibility of the screen. Bring quality products to our customers.


Professional technicians testing: To ensure product quality, strict control for the whole production process.

Postpartum strict inspection:

Test the LCD display function to ensure quality standards.

After each product is produced, the display, screen color, pixels and touch must be tested and quality standards maintained.

Test the stability of the whole batch of goods: conduct long-term sampling tests on products to ensure product stability before selling to customers.